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As I studied anthropology at the University at Calgary, I was able to purchase my first house. Because of the market back then, I only paid $12,000 with a $700 down that I borrowed. The market blessed me as I succeeded in renting out my home with positive cash flow. After only 2 years, the housing prices started to skyrocket and I was offered $30,000 for my first home. From then onwards I am forev...er convinced that real estate is a fantastic investment.
In 2002, I sold a small business that I was involved with and began my passion for real estate full-time. I consider 2004 a great accomplishment because in that year I became a licensed real estate agent residing in Kelowna. Alas, my family’s time in Kelowna ended when we sold our acreage and rooted ourselves in Tsawwasessen.
My philosophy is to put the client first by being accessible, a great listener and communicator, and responding quickly to their needs. Over my years of experience, I have been involved with multiple types of real estate related procedures and events. I am able to help my clients find proper mortgage advisors and guide them into living in their dream homes.
I have negotiated successful multi year agreements with Via Rail Canada, New York Port Authority, Toronto transit commission,Amtrak Rail,Greyhound bus Lines Dallas and several smaller companies. This professional experience gives me valuable insight to business procedures and competance rarely found in real estate.
I am a family man with 5 children from our 33 year marriage and 4 foster children. I am dedicated to being a husband and a father. All my children have succedded at university or are in the process at present. I am blessed! contact me.

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